General Services

A ‘General Service’ allows you to use the myCloudPBX billing platform to bill your customers for additional services, such as monthly support, license keys or other hardware not provided by myCloudPBX.

From the 'My Clients' menu, click 'Add/Edit General Services'.

On this page you can see all of your existing 'general services'.

  • Click the 'Add' button to add more.
  • Click the 'Edit' button to edit an existing service.
  • Click the 'Remove' button to remove an existing service.
  • Use the 'search' field to search for a specific service.

Adding a new service

Click the 'Add' button.

Add the following information:

  • Friendly Name (This is for your reference).
  • Service Username.
  • Start Date.

When finished, click 'Save'.

You have now added a new generic service and you can proceed with billing.

Last Updated:: 1/9/2020, 3:37:51 AM